Employer Testimonials

The summer youth program is an incredible opportunity to impact our community. Keep reading to find out what past summer employers enjoyed most about the program!


“We had one if not the best summer programs ever. I’ve received several thank you notes/cards from the parents of program participants thanking us for allowing them to work at our site and expressing skill sets attained during the program. Hopefully, we’ll be considered again next year and I look forward to continuing our work to improve quality of life issues in this community.” Bishop Davis

“This program provides services and opportunities to support all young people in developing a sense of confidence, usefulness, belonging, and empowerment. We as employers work to develop their assets and competencies while modeling essential features of an effective, responsible contributor to community. The hardest skills we are teaching them-the critical thinking, problem solving, alphabetizing,  numerical filing, data entry – and the soft skills like interpersonal communication, making eye contact, introductions, reading social cues, nonverbal communication, self control, those are all essential and they are a foundation of skills that employers are looking for. . . . A program like this is only successful when it provides motivational, emotional, and strategic support. When the objective is to engage with youth in real life experiences that enhance their character and confidence in a safe and structured environment the result is youth actively participating in their own futures. . . . If we continue to work together to nurture our youth’s internal qualities, positive values, commitment to learning and leadership, we continue to give them a chance to explore, belong, express, and influence.”  – NYS Unified Court System


“The Strings for Life music program set out to literally change and impact the lives of 12 young people – one guitar at a time – using life skills to make that come about and to build their spirits.  Little did we know that we were going in to do that, but they actually impacted and changed our lives. . . . We have to help our young people realize that they do have a future. They can make it. They can have goals. They can have dreams. ” – Strings for Life Program


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